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Noone lend you a money because you are not a citizen of the Czech Republic? With us not any more – we will guarantee you a loan! All you have to do is to have a trade license or a limited liability company and we will lend you up to CZK 10,000,000. No registers and no income inquiries. In addition, if you already have a liability for your property, we also offer the repurchase of real estate and the possibility of increasing the loan.

Ask for money without any liabilities, we will offer you the highest possible amount from the entire market under the best reachableconditions.

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    Secured business loan targeted to fast drawing of funds, guarantee of low installments and up to 100% LTV. Suitable for all small and medium-sized companies and self-employed people who can secure a loan with real estate or movable property. Possibility of securing with the share of real estate. The amount of loans from 100 000 CZK to 30 000 000 CZK. The loan is also suitable for refinancing unfavorable loans.

    NO installments first three months

    advantages of real estate secured loan:

    • up to 1000% of real estate value
    • low installments
    • Interest from 6,9 % p.a.
    • Cash deposit for loan signature
    • Repayment up to 20 years
    • Posiibility of extra installments
    • Estimation free of charge
    • Suitable for refinancing of inapropriate loans

    advantages of movable property secured loans:

    You use your means of production, not real estate, to secure it
    Fast provision of funds
    It’s up to you what you borrow

    • use your production toolsto secure the loan
    • very quick loan process
    • up to you how much you want to lend
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